Three Rail Model railways were once the norm. Technical advances made the more realistic two rail system the standard. Three rail systems do have some practical advantages, as well as the historical connection.
Model Railway using Meccano and similar products copied from Meccano
There are some interesting toy trains that may be used as an interesting a low cost introduction to model railways.
Card has always been part of model railways. Buildings are still commononly made from card. Not so much rolling stock anymore. Computer controlled cutters mean that complex shapes may be quickly cut so allowing card to be used for interesting models.
My model railway interests are varied. Below are links to some of the areas I take an interest in.
Tramway modelling is an interesting variation of model railways. Compact layouts are more realistic. Power supplies and the ability for simple automation are also available.
Light Rail is used to cover railways between tramways and main line routes. Typically underground and overhead railways fall into this category. Also non standard railways and guided transport systems such as monorails and busways.
Collecting locomotives and rolling stock from a variety of sources has meant an assortment of coupling systems. Standardisation is required and this page is about that quest.
A Hornby Dublo 3 rail layout I am putting together in my loft. These pages follow the progress, the problems and the outcome.
I have always had an interest in books, old and new. Over the years I have built up a small collection of books on railways, full size and models.
Model Railways run on technology. There is the power to move the trains and the systems to control trains and accessories.